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My Colors

My Colors

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Juliana offers a unique service with My Colors - transforming your favorite locations, wildlife, and states into a brand new color scheme. As a color expert, she has a knack for creating harmony, contrast, vibrancy, and hue adjustments that will leave you in awe. Simply send her a photo of your space and she will tailor her adjustments to your specific needs. Even a small change can greatly enhance a piece's impact in a room. Juliana takes great pleasure in pleasing her clients and fine-tuning her artwork to perfectly fit a space. For example, if a client wants a less saturated version of her Fox print to match their office, Juliana can make it happen. If a client loves the Smoky Mountain print but the bedroom is blue, not green, she can create a new version of the print for you. Her mastery of color knows no bounds, and she will always guide you towards the best choices for your space. It's no wonder people are drawn to her work - Juliana is truly an expert in her craft.

Julian will produce sample designs using the hexidecimal color that matches your wall paint color, giving you a clear idea of the final look. The product images showcase common wall paint colors to help you visualize the process.

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Piccolo: Ideal for home office, study, or entry hall. Mix prints for dynamic gallery wall.

Medio:Ideal for living areas, family rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, hotel suites, large offices and clinics, waiting areas, and restaurants. This size works well with a pair of two hung side by side or a series of three prints hung together as a series to create a focal point for the room.

Grande: This size is your best choice to create a single statement piece in hotel lobbies, great rooms, dining areas, living areas, entry halls, restaurants, waiting areas, expansive bedrooms or large hotel suites. This size can also be hung as a center focus with two piccolos, one on either side.

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Juliana combines artistic vision with environmental awareness by offering sustainable art framing practices.

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