Minimalistic Fine Art Prints of National Parks

The Places you Love on the Walls Where you Live

Juliana2me • East Coast Artist • West Coast Style.

I'd like to help you enhance your home, office, restaurant or vacation property with wall art that captures the beauty of your favorite destinations. My Serene Minimalistic Limited Edition Fine Art prints in various custom colors, sizes, and framing options perfectly complement any space.

More About the Artist and the Art

“I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your Acadia print! I hung it right above my standing desk so that whenever I needed, I could look up from my work and "take a break." While the print is titled "Acadia," the memories and images it evokes for me are not always place and time bound. The colors and lines engage my imagination and yet are soothing. A few deep breaths often rise up from deep inside. Thank you also for picking a frame that works so well with both the print and the room.”

-Dale S. from Maine

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