Juliana2me Abstract Minimalistic Artist

Meet Juliana Twomey, also known as Juliana2me, a talented fine artist and designer who resides in the White Mountain Area of New Hampshire. Juliana's work is intentionally minimalist and serene, with the goal of encouraging the viewer to connect with their own memories of a particular place.

Juliana2me  creates original, Abstract Minimalistic Landscapes of National Parks by hand in Adobe Illustrator.  Her intention is to say as much as she can about a landscape with the least amount of visual language thereby allowing the viewer enough space to dwell on their own connection to a landscape.

She understands the value of the memories we create in certain locations and how they hold a special place in our hearts, reminding us of important moments and the people we shared them with. Juliana's artistic skills allow her to capture the essence of a place with just a few lines, creating a space for the viewer to enter the frame and connect with their own personal connection to a place. She enjoys the challenge of creating art that resonates with the viewer and finds joy in sharing her gift with others by transforming the places they love into framed Limited Edition Prints and Wall Murals. Her art serves as a powerful reminder of the connection between memory, place, and emotion.

Vista Nuovo

Vista Nuovo means "new view" in Italian. In this body of work, I am offering a "new view" of the ancient, protected, sacred ground we all share-- our National Parks. I love the 1935-1943 WPA poster art, but that style has been replicated through decades.  I feel it is time for a fresh look, a new view. 

Less Single-Use Plastic

This body of work was born out of a personal year-long project to help mother earth by creating 365 designs to encourage less single-use plastic. The National Parks are the final 63 designs of that project. To learn more about that project please visit lesssingleuseplastic.com.

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