This national park consisting of almost 200,000 acres within the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia was established in 1926. It’s known for its spectacular views of the various mountain ranges that are best seen from an overlook on the
Skyline Drive. The remains of prehistoric creatures—mastodon and mammoth—have been found within the area of the park, and its estimated to have been home to Native American tribes and other dwellers for nearly nine thousand years.

Welcome to the Shenandoah gallery page. Here you can explore "Shenandoah", my original abstract minimalistic fine art landscape print of Shenandoah. with just a few lines and colors I try to capture the “essence’ of Shenandoah National Park.

The essence I most wanted to capture with this piece of art is the peacefulness and serenity which comes from viewing the blue ridge mountains from an imaginary outcropping. Looking out into the range the colors are soft and soothing. The folds of the soft peaks and valleys intersect and descend as if they are weaving a warm quilt to wrap you up in. The mountains seem to call you home into the folds of the earth made so many millions of years ago.

I try to capture the feeling of welcomeness and home and comfort. This is why I choose all smooth contour lines. I imagine how difficult it must have been for the mountain folk to have been displaced from this cradle of comfort. Especially knowing that not only did it provide the daily heartwarming vistas, but sustained them.

In working with this piece I was conscious of what not to include as much as what I needed to say visually to capture a feeling. I also choose to have negative space above and below my composition in order for out to breathe and to have a feeling of this range expanding beyond the frame. For the moon or sun (in this print it could be either) I choose a soft peachy color against the earthy olive green. One hillside is soft brown and the blue line hints at waterfalls. Three lines, one circle. This is Shenandoah.