Arches, Dark Sky

Arches, Dark Sky by Juliana2me


Fine Art Print

Collection: Dark Sky Parks

Limited Edition (150)

Arches National Park in Utah, USA, is renowned for its red rock formations and over 2,000 natural stone arches. Visitors can explore towering arches, balanced rocks, and rugged landscapes shaped by geological processes. Delicate Arches is a must-see, especially at sunset. The park is also great for stargazing as an International Dark Sky Park.

Arches National Park in Utah is not only famous for its stunning natural rock formations but also for its incredible dark sky views at night. With minimal light pollution in the area, visitors to the park are treated to a spectacular display of stars that light up the night sky.

Gazing up at the stars in Arches National Park can be a mesmerizing experience, allowing you to see countless twinkling stars, planets, and even the Milky Way galaxy. The park is a designated International Dark Sky Park, meaning that efforts are made to minimize artificial light and preserve the natural darkness of the night sky for stargazers to enjoy.