• Abstract • Minimalistic • Fine Art Prints of Cities

Abstract Minimalistic Cityscape Graphic Art by Juliana2me just a few lines on a field of color to capture  "The Essence" of a city.

Cities have a "vibe" and I try to capture that. I think of the "essence' of a particular city. I think of the cultural offerings, the architecture, the lifestyle and the feel of a place. These "cityscapes" are bound in a box, busy and a bit more noisy to reflect the pulse of a city. I spent enough time living in cites to know the pace. Cities can be energizing and how lovely to escape them for a weekend in the quietude of a natural place, and go back again to the pulse. I think of it as a balance and I try to reflect that balance in my work. I am looking to Launch a city Collection 20-25 Limited Edition Prints in 2024. Join my mailing list below to get the notice when these are ready for your walls.