Pinnacle Fine Art Print by Juliana2me with Wildflowers of Pinnacles Poster

Wildflowers of Pinnacles

Wildflowers of Pinnacles Free Poster-A wildflower named after mouse ears? I had no idea.

I put together a poster of six beautiful wildflowers that grow in Pinnacles National Park. There are many many more that grow there. Hundreds! They love the rich volcanic soil. Is anyone planning a trip to see the bloom?

Wind Poppy
Blue fiesta Floor
Purple Mouse Ears
Cream Cups
Hill Star
Venus Thistle

These are a few that caught my attention when I was researching.

Perhaps you’ll like them too?

I created a poster free to share. Click here to view.

I have been reading about the wildflowers that grow in Pinnacles National Park. Hundreds of different kinds. Most of them bloom between March and May. The rich volcanic soil is what helps encourage the growth. 

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