Mix and Match With Your Memories

Mix and Match With Your Memories


How to mix and match photos of a trip with a Vista Nuovo Fine National Park Fine Art Print:

1. Pick 2 scenery photos form your trips. The ones that wow you. The places you remember as being the "special spots" on your trip.

2. Pick 2 Photos of you and your people at this place. Pick the fun goofy ones or the more serious scenic ones, either will work. Pick the ones with the most meaning to you. The ones that show the moments that stand out and bring you back to your special place in your mind.

Crop photos to a square and frame in a square back frame with 1" Matt. Hang one landscape and one portrait on each size of a 20" x 30" Matted and framed print of the place you visited.

Voila! The perfect memory gallery wall. 

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