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Under the Mountains (Peaceful Colors)

Under the Mountains (Peaceful Colors)

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Under the Mountain in peaceful colors a minimalistic mountain print Get lost in the mountains (in a good way)! Bring nature into your home with our minimalistic mountain print. Step into the great outdoors (without ever leaving your home)! Our minimalistic mountain print brings the rugged beauty of nature to your interior decor. Wonderful Print for Vacation rental properties or homes. This print come isn 4 color variataions, soft, primary midnight and peaceful. Transform your home into a peaceful getaway with our minimalistic mountain print. Whether you're looking to bring the outdoors in or add a touch of adventure to your interior, our print is the perfect fit. Plus, with four color variations to choose from, there's a peaceful color for every home or vacation rental property. Add a little slice of relaxation to your space today!

  • Eco-Conscious Artist
  • Free Shipping
  • Minimal Plastic Packaging
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• Solid Wood • Made in USA

Sustainable Frames

Vista Nuovo was born of my personal year-long project to create 365 designs to encourage less single-use plastic.

I believe that  using the resources we have wisely is an important part of doing business today, so I have partnered with a framing company that cares about sustainability.  

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