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The 3 parks Package

The 3 parks Package

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The 3 Parks Package offers three frames of minimalistic fine art prints featuring your favorite national parks, designed to complement any style of interior decor. These prints serve as a fantastic way to bring the essence of your cherished outdoor destinations into your living or workspaces. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, an avid traveler, or simply looking to add a touch of tranquility to your surroundings, this package is a perfect choice. Additionally, for Airbnb owners, these prints can enhance the ambiance of your rental spaces, providing guests with a sense of relaxation and connection to nature during their stay.

3 Piccolo Park Prints, Framed $875 (save $100)

3 Medio Park Prints, Framed $1080 (save $150)

3 Grande Park Prints, Framed $1285 (save $200)

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Piccolo: Ideal for home office, study, or entry hall. Mix prints for dynamic gallery wall.

Medio:Ideal for living areas, family rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, hotel suites, large offices and clinics, waiting areas, and restaurants. This size works well with a pair of two hung side by side or a series of three prints hung together as a series to create a focal point for the room.

Grande: This size is your best choice to create a single statement piece in hotel lobbies, great rooms, dining areas, living areas, entry halls, restaurants, waiting areas, expansive bedrooms or large hotel suites. This size can also be hung as a center focus with two piccolos, one on either side.

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Juliana combines artistic vision with environmental awareness by offering sustainable art framing practices.

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