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Down by the Riverbank

Down by the Riverbank

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I am passionate about making art accessible to everyone, and I want to ensure that cost is not a barrier to bringing beauty into your living space. By offering my "In Nature" collection of fine art prints at a minimal charge, I aim to provide you with a piece of art that resonates with you and brings peace into your home. These serene settings are meant to unite us all and inspire you daily. The digital download format allows you to print the artwork in any size you prefer, making framing both easy and affordable. I truly appreciate any support you can offer, whether through a purchase or simply by enjoying and sharing my art. Let's bring the beauty of nature into your home together.

Down by the Riverbank by Juliana2me


Open Edition Fine Art Print

Collection: In Nature


May “Down by the Riverbank”

June “At the Seashore”

July “Under the Mountain”

August “Near the Trees”

September “Falling Leaves”

October “Sunset in a Meadow”

November “Moonlit Water”

December “The Night Sky”

  • Eco-Conscious Artist
  • Free Shipping
  • Minimal Plastic Packaging
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• Solid Wood • Made in USA

Sustainable Frames

Vista Nuovo was born of my personal year-long project to create 365 designs to encourage less single-use plastic.

I believe that  using the resources we have wisely is an important part of doing business today, so I have partnered with a framing company that cares about sustainability.  

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