Re-Claim Frame an Eco-friendly Choice

A limited number of prints are available in what I call a "reclaim frame". This is a wonderful eco-friendly option for purchasing art. It is a gently-used frame that I personally purchase at a second hand store. I choose high-quality frames in excellent condition. I also use my artist eye to pick a frame that I believe will be well-suited for a print. Next I fine-tune the composition so that the print fits perfectly in the frame. I crate a custom print of this size for you and I bring it with all to a local frame shop. With professional touch of expertise in framing they mount it and retrofit it to the frame with a new mat in a color chosen by me. 

Why do I offer the prints with this option?

It is my small part of being conscious of waste. As you may well know these designs were born out of a year long project to help promote less single-use plastic. In keeping with my goal to live lightly and be less wasteful I came up with this clever option for offering the prints. Prints in reclaim frames may be priced similarly to new frames, because of the time involved in creating them, but in the end you can know that you saved a frame and that you have something unique. 

To order a reclaim frame print you have 2 options.

1. Reach out to Juliana and tell her the design you are interested in and she will go on a hunt to find a frame and send you a quote. 

2. Pick from the ones in stock.