Customer Mock-ups for Dale

The designs from the Northeast line that I think would work best in your space are, Shenandoah or Acadia. 

I think the colors in the original design of Shenandoah work well with the colors of your decor. I also think the softness of the style matches well. This could be placed above the bed or above the dresser.

The Acadia , heme-wise, seems like a perfect match because of your homes location in ME, however, the colors in the original design are dark and incongruent. especially with the soft bedding colors. So... I created a custom color of that design. It is called Acadia (soft).

Take your time looking and let me know what you think. I am happy to make up more images if you are unsure or if you'd like to try a different print.

for more pics:

Here you will find the Acadia Gallery

Here is the Shenandoah Gallery

I also added some new colors for  framing options.