What Comes first The Art or the Sofa?

What Comes first The Art or the Sofa?

This is a tough question. It's kind of like asking what comes first the chicken or the egg. Do you pick the art to help you choose the fabric for the sofa or do you pick the sofa then find art to tie in the colors of the fabrics?
The truth is that either way will work, and even though people less often choose the art first, it can be helpful to do so.


If you are choosing a Vista Nuovo Print for your wall, (or two or three as shown here), when you pick the prints first you will have an entire color palette to work with. This can help you narrow the selection of your fabric choices.
Then again, if you opt for choosing the sofa first (comfort and styling of furniture is a big decision) You can order Vista Nuovo Art Prints in a custom color palette that match or harmonize perfectly with your aesthetic style.
In creating this mock up what did I pick first? The sofa, but that is only because as soon as I saw it I had my "Southwest Sprit" prints in mind.

Oh, and what about the the cat? Hmmm should that match too?

1. Series of the three "Southwest Spirit" Fine Art Prints. left to right Bryce, Grand Canyon, and Arches by Juliana2me

2. Mirabella sofa from Flight by Night Furniture It is a transitional design sofa that is stocked in the stores in this color called "saddle" which works so well with the Vista Nuovo Southwest Spirit Prints.

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