North Cascades,  Greenington, & Night Shift "Get the Look"

North Cascades, Greenington, & Night Shift "Get the Look"

Did you know that starting with a Vista Nuovo Fine Art Print can be the foundation for designing and finishing an entire room?

Often, art is an afterthought in room design, but starting with the art can provide a color palette for selecting furniture and accents. Framing is costly, and art is personal. If you are redesigning a space it might be easier to "start with the art". This can ensure that the art fits the room's aesthetic. 

Consider using our art prints as the starting point for "Getting a Look", and check out our suggestions for items that pair well with our prints.

1. Art: North Cascades Limited Edition Print by Juliana2me

2. Furniture: Greenington Fine Bamboo Furniture 

3. Accent: Pottery handcrafted by Nights Shift Stoneware, Laconia, NH 

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