Perfect Wall Art for BnBs or Airbnbs

Perfect Wall Art for BnBs or Airbnbs

From my experience in running an Airbnb for 11 years, I know that creating a theme or a feel for your accommodation can go a long way in providing a pleasurable experience fro guests.

If you run a BnB or an Airbnb and you are interested in giving your place a lift. Perhaps you are just starting out and you are getting a place ready for it's first visitors? A Vista Nuovo Print on the wall may be just what you need to anchor the room into the appropriate theme. 

I can provide you with mood board to coordinate accents and here is the best part. I also can give you the HEX code equivalents of my colors so that you can easily match paints and furnishings. 

When you purchase a print for your Bnb you will automatically be part of my affiliate network. I will send you cards to leave for your guests and if they purchase a print you can earn some of that to put back into beautifying your space. It's a win win. Send an email to me if you'd like more specific details. 

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