Minimalistic Fine Art Print of a Loon by artist Juliana2me

Loons, the Fast Beautiful Birds

Have you ever wondered how fast loons can swim? These majestic birds are known for their grace and speed in the water, making them fascinating creatures to observe. Loons are built for speed in the water, with their streamlined bodies and powerful webbed feet. Their bodies are designed to reduce drag as they glide through the water, allowing them to reach impressive speeds. In fact, loons can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour when they are in pursuit of prey.

When it comes to swimming speed, loons are among the fastest water birds in the world. Their sleek bodies and efficient swimming technique give them an edge over many other species. For comparison, the average swimming speed of a loon is around 20 miles per hour, while a duck typically swims at a speed of 2-3 miles per hour. 

I like to canoe in the spring summer and fall, and when i do I am often lucky enough to see these beautiful birds. 



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