Grand Teton and Grizzly "Park Wild" Living Room Package

Grand Teton and Grizzly "Park Wild" Living Room Package

Grand Teton National Park, located in the northwestern region of Wyoming, is a pristine wilderness area that serves as a sanctuary for an array of wildlife, including the formidable grizzly bear. These magnificent creatures, also known as North American brown bears, are a keystone species in the park's ecosystem, playing a critical role in maintaining the natural balance. Grizzly bears are often spotted in the park's expansive meadows, dense forests, and along riverbanks, particularly during the warmer months when they are most active.

Grizzly bears in Grand Teton National Park have a varied diet that reflects the rich biodiversity of the region. They forage for a wide range of foods, including berries, roots, and insects, as well as small mammals and carrion. During the fall, they are often seen feasting on whitebark pine nuts and spawning cutthroat trout, which are essential for building up the fat reserves they need to survive the long winter hibernation. Bear sightings can be thrilling for visitors, but it's crucial to maintain a safe distance and follow park guidelines to ensure both human and bear safety.

Conservation efforts in Grand Teton National Park have been instrumental in protecting the grizzly bear population. These efforts include habitat preservation, public education, and research initiatives aimed at understanding bear behavior and ecology. The park also implements strict regulations to minimize human-bear conflicts, such as proper food storage and waste disposal practices. By fostering a harmonious coexistence between humans and grizzlies, Grand Teton National Park continues to be a vital refuge for these awe-inspiring animals, allowing future generations to experience the wonder of seeing grizzly bears in their natural habitat.

If you have a special connection to Grand Teton and a soft spot for Grizzly Bears, why not combine them in your living space with this Park Wild Package? Juliana has carefully crafted the colors in these two fine art prints of Grand Teton and Grizzly Bear to complement each other beautifully. These prints are ideal for rooms with neutral tones or cool greens like sage, as well as warm wood tones.

For the perfect backdrop for these prints, consider the following wall paint colors, and if you need a FREE mock up of these prints on any wall color to make sure before you redesign your room, just send and email to

  • Benjamin Moore: Lush AF-475
  • Prescott Green HC-140
  • Ballet White OC-9
  • Kona AF-165


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