Dogs, Feng Shui and Some National Park Fine Art

Dogs, Feng Shui and Some National Park Fine Art

I have been reading about pets and what wonderful energy they bring to a home.
This is no surprise. A cat or a dog or other pet in teh room brings positive energy and enjoyment which is why they say that pets are good "Feng Shui". 

Another thing that creates great positive energy in a space is placing art on the walls that you love and that have special meaning to you. 

Choosing something that is the right color or fits the space but had no personal or meaningful connection can’t really provide the same benefit. It works but it doesnt lift the spirits in the same way. 

Personal photos are wonderful for a space but for large wall areas it’s best to dress up your wall with something that can enhance the space and you won’t tire of. 

In my abstract minimalistic prints of national parks and public lands, I try to give the essence of the place with minimal lines and color. This way it leaves the viewer enough space to make their own personal connection to a place.

There are so many wonderful photographers who capture these majestic landscapes but after seeing the same beautiful vantage point over and over I believe it can lose some magic. I love the photographers who show it to me in a new way. I try to suggest landscapes in an abstract and new way in my graphic art.

I also really love the 1940s poster style of art for the parks, but these also have been copied for decades. It is my intention to view these places in a new way. Vista Nuovo means “new view” I am working to create a new view of your old favorite place.

All the prints can be ordered in custom colors and I provide discounts on sets of 2 or 3. Join my mailing list by clicking the link in my bio to get the monthly vista Nuovo mailings and learn more about my work.

In this reel image from left to right is:
Channel Islands, Hawaii Volcanoes and Mount Rainier.

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