Enoki, Kalamazoo, Tiramisu, CHICAGO

Enoki, Kalamazoo, Tiramisu, CHICAGO

What role does wall color play in enhancing your print?

As a professional in the art industry, I understand the importance of choosing the right wall color to complement and enhance your print. While you may not need to repaint your entire room, a well-chosen wall color can make a significant difference in how your artwork is perceived. It can either blend seamlessly with the surroundings or create a striking accent that draws attention to the print. To make your decision easier, I have handpicked a few colors that work exceptionally well with my Chicago Play Print.

Color #1: Tiramisu (c2 paints)
Color #2: Enoki (c2 paints)
Color #3: Kalamazoo (c2 paints)


Remember, the right wall color can make a significant difference in how your print is perceived. Whether you prefer a neutral backdrop or a vibrant accent, these handpicked colors will enhance the beauty and impact of the Chicago Play Print in your space. So, go ahead and revamp your room with confidence, knowing that your chosen wall color will perfectly complement your new work of art.

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