Colors of Wolves in Yellowstone

Colors of Wolves in Yellowstone

I have been reading and learning about the wolves of Yellowstone.

Half of the wolves in Yellowstone are black, but they are still technically "Gray Wolves" Gray wolves can be gray or black. 

Recent studies have shown that the black coat of gray wolves is due to one gene. It is believed that this gene originated with the mixing of domestic dogs that were bred in favor of the black color. 

In 1926 wolves in Yellowstone were wiped out. They were reintroduced to the park in the early 1990s and today there are an estimated 95 wolves in the park. 

There are very informative and interesting Facebook live videos posted on marking the 25th year anniversary of 2019/20.

There are no white wolves in Yellowstone. The white wolves ( a subspecies of the Gray wolf) live in the High Arctic tundra of Canada where their coat blends into the snowy landscape. 

I am now inspired to create an illustration of wolves in three colors. 

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