Cityscapes, Busy People

Cityscapes, Busy People

Cityscapes, Busy People

It's been a while since I have lived in a city. But I do remember the hustle and bustle of the streets and the people. I think of a children’s video my son would watch when he was a toddler, Richard Scary’s "Busy People". Although I would much rather live away from busy places, I do feel energized and alive when I visit for short spurts. I can feel the adrenaline rush, especially when I am driving in Boston! 

Here is a sneak peek of some small square cityscapes I am working on. New York, Boston, LA, and Paris are in the works. Paris was where I studied art. I loved living in that city. There is something about that city.

“Though you may leave Paris, Paris never really leaves you.”
Janice Macleod

Photo: Boston and New York Abstract Minimalistic Fine Art Prints by Juliana2me 

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