Be conscious and guard you walls. Buy only the Art you love.

Be conscious and guard you walls. Buy only the Art you love.

“How many things are there which I do not want.”

– Socrates

I came across the above quote and I began thinking about wall art. This little blog post is some advise and encouragement to be disciplined when buying art for your walls.



  1. It is cheap. 
  2. My mom gave it to me or my friend picked it out.
  3. It's been in my family forever
  4. It's ok.
  5. It is the right colors

Trust me. You'll regret it.

Why? Art on the wall of your home has the ability to influence you every day. You can look at it and feel peaceful, at ease, energized, focused. Yes, art can do all of these things. Unfortunately it can also make you feel ill at ease, trapped, fearful, melancholic. So please think about what kind of mood you ant to encourage in each room of your home and choose art that helps support that.

Be conscious and guard you walls. Place only the images that soothe you or lift you so that you can be soothed and lifted every day. Place art that energizes you in rooms that you want to be productive in and art that is especially peaceful in bedrooms.

I have my own unique abstract minimalistic style. I produce my art in this way to share soothing tranquil designs that uplift. My intention as an artist is to allow you an opportunity to dwell indoor own connection to a landscape. Perhaps you have fond memories of a place, or maybe it is a place you dream of going to, my work allows you an open and fresh way of remembering that place. My style is not for everyone. art is subjective. Some may love my work and others may prefer art that is more detailed, dramatic, realistic or melancholic. So, if my work resonates with you, by all means reach out to me and I will help you to even customize the colors for your particular space, but if my work does not resonate with you and you do not love it, I'd much rather you look elsewhere and find a piece of art that truly speaks to you. Don't let any of the reasons above hold you back, Art is personal and you will live with it every day.

One more bit of advice on buying art that you love: Take the time and spend the money to frame your work. It will protect your art and it will present it on your walls in the best way possible. Local frame shops can use your business and you will enjoy the interactions with these places.

If you are buying a Vista Nuovo print here are my framing suggestions for my work:

My art looks great in a black, maple or cherry frame

My art looks great with a 2.5" slightly off white mat


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