Art is Subjective and Unique/ Juliana2me's Minimalistic Style

Art is Subjective and Unique/ Juliana2me's Minimalistic Style

Art is a subjective form of expression and not everyone will appreciate every artist's style. However, I embrace this fact. At my most recent art show I have two comments that stand out in my minding reflection. 

One person said: “I do not usually even like art but your work is speaking to me.”

Another simply said, “It’s not doing it for me.”

I can only create in my style and my style is unique because every artist is unique. I remember when I was an art teacher and I would give a drawing lesson with still life. I was so amazed and inspired by the myriad of ways to draw a simple object like an apple. No two student drawings were ever the same. (That’s not entirely true as some who sat next to each other were influenced and had similar characteristics)  But even these had unique qualities. 

And so there many styles of art and literally different strokes for different folks. Speaking of strokes, I only make a few. My art consist of 3-7 lines. I try to use minimal line and maximum space. I like my work to float and have space. 

For those who do like my style I think this is why. I think they appreciate my work for the composition, colors, and for the way they breathe.

I strive for simplicity and clarity in my art, allowing room for personal interpretation. By omitting details, I encourage viewers to ponder their own memories and connections to a place. The quiet nature of my art is meditative, providing a sense of calm to those who view it. My color palettes are pleasing and harmonious, drawing people to connect with my work. The unusual combinations of colors add to the harmony, making the art both unique and beautiful.

I am honored to be able to use my gift of art to help people put the places that are special and sacred to them on the walls where they live. People have a natural connection to places based on their unique journey in life, and I intend to capture the "feeling" of a place  in my art.

The photo above is my rendition of The White Mountains, New Hampshire. The place I call home. 

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