Why is Blue so Serene?

Why is Blue so Serene?

Why is blue so serene?

Is blue serene because there is more water than land on our planet? Is it because we were born in water? Blue and its many shades have a soothing quality to them. From the turquoise of the tropical islands to the blueback skies of the north in winter, blue is magical. 

Blue is also a wonderful color to bring into home decor because of its peaceful tranquil feel. Yes, it is a cool color, but mixed with warm furnishings it can make you feel like you are floating on an island or that you are cozy and warm just by the glow of a moon.

Blue is dreamy. Blue is serene. 

Prints in photo from left to right: Wrangell St-Elias, Rocky Mountains, Isle Royal, Kobuk Valley
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