The Color of Sage and a Lightened Acadia

The Color of Sage and a Lightened Acadia

The Sage in my garden grows every year. The color of its leaves are soft and calming. In fact, I read long ago that burning sage leaves is often used to energetically clear a space.

Sage is a wonderful color to paint a room. I played with the Benjamin Moore colors online and when I clicked on the most popular under the green hues, sure enough, a sage color called "Saybrook Sage" came up.

Sage is green with softness and warmth to it. It is a great color for a New England Home Interior. By the way, did you know that for a reasonable fee, I can customize the colors of a print for you? For example, the original Acadia is fairly dark in nature, but here I created a lighter version to match the Sage walls. 

You could even share with me the paint manufacturer you are using and the color and I will be able to look it up and alter my design to complement the walls of your space. 

If you decide to grow sage in your garden in New England, you will plant it once and be rewarded with the beautiful scent every year. It’s so easy to dry and it’s a pleasure to grow. 


Prints in photo: Acadia

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