Shenandoah Morning

Shenandoah Morning

I found this poem that pairs so beautifully with this print that I decided to share it in the blog. The link to where I would it is below. 



Shenandoah, the morning revealed your splendor,
as the sun touched your dreams with light.
Awakened by Morning glories, on broken down fences
Black berries hidden from sight.

Shenandoah, I hear your song of childhood
. . . On a hill far away
Where the whippoorwills sing,
of a brighter day.

Shenandoah, where cows graze on hillsides
A valley of peaceful sleep
Children in their innocence
And willows softly weep

Home of my heart, Shenandoah
Winding streams and little girl dreams
Still linger in my mind
Always patiently waiting, the beauty I left behind"


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