Is Design a Fine Art?

Is Design a Fine Art?

Is Design a Fine Art? 

This question keeps rolling around in my mind. I went to art school and studied design and illustration. At my heart, though I feel most like simply an "artist" because I like to make art. I also like to create things just for my own personal enjoyment and for the experience it gives me. I am ever called to new colors, compositions, and tools to create these with. What inspires me has always inspired me. Nature. 

Fine art is defined as:

"Creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content."

In other words, even though graphic art usually has a commercial intention, me, and many other people create graphic images purely for their aesthetic value. Are you one of these artists? Are you one who appreciates this kind of art? 

Cameras can photograph so many beautiful things today. I find it refreshing to create flat areas of colors with minimal lines to depict a landscape. I enjoy the challenge of trying to say so much with so little visual information. I hope that by doing so I leave the viewer with an essence of a place, and enough room for them to use their own creative imagination to conjure images and senses of a place. 


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