Cuddle Up under a Blanket Bog (Wild Nefin)

Cuddle Up under a Blanket Bog (Wild Nefin)

Cuddle Up under a Blanket Bog 

What is a blanket bog? I just learned this. It is a bog where the land from mounds and folds just like the blanket of an unmade bed. 

I was reading about Wild Nefin, a National Park in Ireland, and I became inspired to create a design. Wild Nefin is one of the more spectacular vantage points for seeing a star-filled sky. So my image shows the ever-present moon and its reflection on the bog below.

At first, I drew a horizon line and then I imagined myself in this space and realized it would not be possible to see the horizon line in the dark. I thought of moonlit morning flashlight walks with my dog, Gami, and how we slowly start to see the forms emerge.

Putting sleepy art in the bedroom is a good idea. The soothing deep blue and the suggestion of night is a visual cue for a restful night’s sleep. 

Ireland had a long history of using the peat from bogs as a fuel source but for the future, they are rethinking this to find more sustainable alternatives. 


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