Art that Lets You Think

Art that Lets You Think

I am by no means a neat freak but I do know that when my working space starts to get cluttered and disarrayed, which it does, I feel the need to declutter because I start to not be able to think clearly "clearly think cleary". 

In fact, there seems to be a direct correlation between the messiness of my space and my ability to perform a task. So sometimes I will put the timer on and just put things away for 15 mixtures. This usually offers me a new set point in my brain functioning. Can you relate?

What does this have to do with Art? Many people nowadays have a home office. Adding decor on the walls also can affect your space greatly. I intentionally made "The Essence of Place" Fine Art print series peaceful and serene so that it would not distract. They are quiet, and peaceful and do not demand your attention. This is why I think that they are well-suited for an office or working environment as well as for a home.

Set your space up in a way that allows you to win the mindset you’re after. Clutter-free minimalistic space to think. Ahhhh 

Prints in photo from left to right: North Cascades, Grand Teton 
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