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Park Print • Medio • Black Frame

Park Print • Medio • Black Frame

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The "Essence of Place' Series of 63 National Parks by Juliana2me 
Fine Art Prints on premium quality heavyweight fine art print material with a smooth, clean matte finish. Size: Medio 16.5" x 24" with a 2.5" matte and a solid wood backs frame. 

Modern and yet, timeless this art does not demand attention but instead allows the viewer space to daydream.

  • Tranquil & Serene
  • Warm & Inviting
  • Elegant & Casual
  • Versatile & Unique

How to choose:
  • Choose prints of the places you’ve been to and wish to remember.
  • Choose a print of a place you dream of going to someday.
  • Choose a print because you simply like the look and design.
  • Choose a print that works with the color or decor in your space. (To learn about custom colors and custom designs, please see my EXTRAS catalog. 

  • Sustainable Framing
  • Free Shipping
  • Min Plastic Packing
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• Solid Wood • Made in USA

Sustainable Frames

Vista Nuovo was born of my personal year-long project to create 365 designs to encourage less single-use plastic.

I believe that  using the resources we have wisely is an important part of doing business today, so I have partnered with a framing company that cares about sustainability.  

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