Savings and Partnerships with Hospitality

Showcase our exquisite minimalistic fine art prints of National Parks, Cities, and Wild Animals in your vacation property. Transform your interior spaces with serene and tranquil art, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your accommodations with our exclusive savings offer. Eligible Businesses

  • Airbnb Owners
  • Vrbo Owners
  • Hotel Owners
  • Bed & Breakfast Owners
  • Boutique Hotels

Recognizing the unique position B&Bs hold in creating memorable, visually appealing environments for guests, Vista Nuovo is providing two distinct paths to substantial savings on their exquisite art collection.

SAVE 25%

The first path to savings is straightforward and generous: simply sign up for Vista Nuovo's monthly mailings specifically curated for B&B owners. By joining this mailing list, you are immediately eligible for a 25% discount on any art print order. This offer allows you to select from a wide range of beautiful art to adorn your rooms and common areas, enhancing the overall ambiance of your B&B and making it even more inviting for your guests.


The second path offers an innovative approach to savings, turning your B&B into a partner with Vista Nuovo. Upon signing up for the mailing list and making an initial art print purchase, you will receive a special partner code. Vista Nuovo will provide you with a QR code linked to this partner code, which you can share with your guests. Whenever a guest makes a purchase using your QR code, not only do they get to take home a piece of the memorable experience from your B&B, but you also receive a 25% commission on the sale. This unique program not only allows you to beautify your space with quality art but also opens up an avenue for additional revenue through commissions on guest purchases. If you are interested in partnering please contact Juliana.

These two savings opportunities are designed to make it easier and more affordable for B&B owners to enhance their properties with high-quality art, ensuring guests' stays are visually delightful and unforgettable. Whether you choose to take advantage of the direct discount or engage in the innovative partnership program, Vista Nuovo is committed to supporting B&B owners in creating beautiful, inviting spaces that guests will love.