Saguaro and Mount Rainier on New Age

Saguaro and Mount Rainier on New Age

Bennjamin Moore lists the color "New Age" #1444 as one of the top trending colors of 2023. The hex color code for this is D6CECF. 

I wanted to try these two prints on this 2023 color because they both have purple tones that pair well with this wall color. 

When trying to find prints for a wall or wall color for prints you have a few directions you can take it in.  

  • Bump the contrast: Light print on dark wall or colors that are opposite on the color wall. 
  • Harmonize: Same value color as wall color and or colors that have the same hue as the wall color. or at least ones that are close on the color wheel.

Either one will do. Just be brave and run with it. 


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